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Whether it was drawing my favorite NHL goalie, building custom Lego spaceships or designing super cool towns for my micro-machines (man I miss those), from a young age, I loved to create.


As I've grown up that desire hasn't left; I've just had to find ways to get paid for doing it. Today instead of pencil crayons I use Photoshop; instead of Lego, I use a camera and instead of micro-machines, a mic. The awesome thing is, it still feels like I'm playing most days.

Whether it's a voiceover, photograph, video production or design, as a follower of Jesus, my main goal in every project, as much as possible, is to bring glory to my Creator and Saviour. I have a deep desire to make Jesus known and to help people realize their need for him and how much he loves them. It's relationship with him, not religion or tradition that makes all the difference. 

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