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"Jesse did a great job, working extremely fast and taking direction well. I would definitely work with him again."  
- Scott Cawthon,
Cawthorn Games

"Jess is one of the most creative guys I know. He has an uncanny ability to understand what makes the human mind work and heart tick, and he knows how to produce pieces that get those triggers. He operates in a perpetual state of learning. He genuinely wants those around him to succeed and be happy and stands up for what (and who) he believes in.”  
- Scott Hartley - COO, Arcane

"★★★★★ - He had our files ready in literally 2 hours. Fastest, easiest voice artist we've hired yet."
Josh Ferguson - Sermon Box Media

"He easily adapts to the unexpected and is quick to offer solutions or lend a helping hand. Jess always has a positive attitude and is creative in his approach to challenges. Jess is a great designer, mentor, and leader. ”  
- Vincent Ly - Manager, Visual Design and Comms

"I’ve already booked a few jobs since coaching with him!”
- Angela

"Jesse is wealth of knowledge on both sides of the microphone. He gave me clear instruction on how to improve my reads, how to put together successful submissions for pay-to-play sites, how to stand out & show range and to top it off - the guy is really nice. A coaching session feels like chatting with an old friend, and at the end, you come out better than when you started.”  
Justin Bott

"Jesse was super quick to respond to all messages and requests. We had some intricate direction to communicate, and he easily understood it and executed beautifully. He went above and beyond providing us with options as well."
Breanna Lambert - Verizon

"Jesse's coaching has been the main component in my successes as a Voice Actor. From the beginning he helped me with everything from equipment and software issues, studio and demo building, online connections and business strategies, tips and tricks. I am grateful for being able to tap into his wealth of professional experience."
Sean Gurnsey

"Jesse has a quality vision for his projects that is consistently miles ahead of what the competition is doing" 
- Nikki Takahashi,
Brand Guru - Fetching Finn Inc.

"★★★★★ - Jesse is amazing, anytime I need a young hip, natural sounding voice he is my go to guy. A natural talent with extreme professionalism this guy is amazing to work with!"
Alahna Macfarlane 

"Jesse was exactly what we were looking for! He went above and beyond in providing us with high-quality recordings, and was extremely gracious and patient throughout the production process. Jesse is extremely talented and an absolute pleasure to work with!"
Cadeau Juraschek - Christian Vision

"Jesse is incredibly talented and creative. His ability to take a concept through to creation regardless of available resources never ceases to amaze me.”  
- Steve Taylor - Marketing, UBC

"Jesse is one of the few that continue to be an inspiration to me, who I can count on for "wow" moments, and that I would trust with my brand.”  
- Tony Creech - CEO Everlight Solar

"Jesse is the perfect combo of professional-meets-personal. He knows his stuff and is generous with that knowledge. After a brief session with him on auditioning well, I saw a night-and-day difference in responses to my auditions. He is encouraging, honest and empowering. Not only is he one of the best out there, he actually wants to see others succeed. I can't say enough how helpful he has been!"

- Ramsey Klassen

"★★★★★ - Jesse's the best. Just don't even think about it and hire him. Resounding approval in the office when we played all the voices. Thanks man!"
David DeLauder, Good Time Design

"I have worked with Jesse a few times now, and he is 100% a professional down to the core. Jesse has tremendous pride in what he does and you can be sure that pride is reflected in the delivery and quality on his work. You are always in good hands here.
Escape Goat Pictures

"He approaches his work in a very conscientious, thoughtful and creative fashion and always ensures that his work is completed with a high degree of quality and customer satisfaction. He and his team have produced some of the best internal and external communication material I have ever seen.”  
- Ferio Pugliese - EVP, WestJet

"Jesse’s knowledge on voice over work is invaluable! From his expertise on the best gear to use, to his tricks on how to convey an emotional or conversational read; Jesse was able to coach me through the beginning process of my voice over career. Not only is Jesse confident, talented and knowledgeable; he is easy going, not at all intimidating and fun to work with!"
Sharon Church

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